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    ” This gives the child respect and responsibility for their actions. Murphy boasts the “typical and annoying” awkward-teen model origin story: She had braces, glasses, frizzy hair, and an older brother she used to pal around with in his Plymouth Duster, nicknamed Old Yeller. Fono Chat offers a fun and safe place to talk to like minded people who want to meet others, have fun and maybe, fall in love.

    Dating a harry potter fangirl

    – – – – Hermione was so lost in thought that Harry had basically been leading her down the hall after the DA meeting so when he grabbed her arm and pulled her into a small alcove, she went without a peep.He put his hand over her mouth when she turned to him with a question and he shook his head. He pulled his cloak out of his bag and threw it on.Ron and Ginny passed them in the hall and slipped into an unused classroom. They moved into the room and tucked into one corner just before Ginny used her wand to shut the door and put up a privacy charm. “Since the night my came out of that stupid cup.” He cleared his throat. being terrorized while they try to be working.” Winky shook her head. he cast bonding spell on her, force her to want him, to love him.” “That can’t be legal,” Hermione exclaimed. “Bonding spells not legal on pure-bloods but Half-bloods and Muggle-borns not safe from them.Hermione stiffened at the use of magic she’d assumed Ginny wasn’t capable of and leaned into Harry even as she pulled her own wand. He’s an arrogant git, you know.” “Of course the money will be worth it. Being named Prefect would’ve gone way towards making other students in the school trust me.” He led her over to a sofa and dropped down on it. “Dobby brought me this sofa last year.” She huffed. “Winky.” The elf appeared immediately glanced briefly at Hermione and scrunched up her nose. “She be trying to that you’d tell her this.” “She’s kind of hard headed,” Harry confided and laughed when Hermione poked him. bonding spells be very dangerous.” “Do you know how they work? If you try to end bond—it be breaking your magic.” “So it’s a core bond,” Hermione said with a frown. ” “Yous not old enough—your core not mature enough to force bond.Hermione tightened her fingers against Harry’s and he relaxed slightly as if to tell her he wasn’t going to lose his temper. You’re going to mess up our plan like you almost did last year. ” She flicked her wand towards the door and ended the privacy spell. They left the classroom, still under his cloak and he led her to the second floor girl’s bathroom. “That’s how I’ve been healing my hand.” Her eyes grew damp. I could kill someone with a piercing charm and all charms are considered magic.” She nodded her agreement and took a deep breath. The ability to heal with parselmagic is supposed to be practically extinct because you have to have a pure magical soul to heal with it.” She touched his face with trembling fingers. I don’t think there’s anything you could do that would make me turn away.” “Will you…” He took a big breath. A half hour after dinner, Harry dropped down in seat in the DADA classroom and cheerfully began writing lines. That seems like it would be right up your alley except for the fact that the Dark Lord would probably find you so fucking annoying that he would crucio you to death within a week.” He watched the color drain out of her face.Her mind was racing with implications, solutions, and ideas about how to protect themselves from Ron and Ginny’s plans. She realized she was about to see the Chamber of Secrets. I had no idea they were talking about potioning you.” “This bonding spell… He’d put a parselmagic pain relief spell on his hand before he’d come into the class as he’d been doing for about two weeks but he didn’t even bother to pretend it hurt as he wrote his lines out. “And your pink outfits would clash with his established color scheme.He won’t know anything about marriage contracts or agreements and he trusts our family. ” Hermione turned into Harry as the two Weasleys left the room, shutting the door behind them. His hands clenched in her jumper as he clutched at her shaking with fury and what she figured was no small amount of grief. “We need to curse the shite out of those two.” She sat back and stared at him. They’d made it through the whole day and Harry had earned himself a spectacular detention from Umbridge by being the biggest arsehole he knew how to be in class. He’d had four plus years of Potions with Severus Snape.He won’t even get to see any kids I have with him.” “Gullible bastard,” Ron muttered. “Come with me,” he whispered against her cheek and she could only nod her consent. “And it’s time to get rid of Umbridge.” “Out of the school or in an unmarked grave in the Forbidden Forest because right now I’d be game for either,” Harry told her and laughed she smirked. “I’ve got a few ideas but I haven’t done them because I was afraid you’d disapprove.” She inclined her head. ” “I’ve been studying parselmagic,” Harry said quietly. “No darker or lighter than any other magic I’ve read about. Harry figured he could earn a NEWT in arseholery and Hermione had reluctantly agreed that he had been in top form during DADA. The Muggles call that sadism but I guess in the magical world that just means you’re .” He leaned forward and stared at her really hard. I mean, I wouldn’t be surprised if you were considering your stance on purebloods.

    “Though, honestly, you know Mum thinks you could do much better than Hermione. “He leaves her alone because he thinks I have a crush on her but he her. I thought you knew and were ignoring it to discourage me.” “No, I didn’t know.” She moved closer to him, shifted up on her toes just a little and pressed her mouth against his. Their lips met again and again in soft sweet kisses until she couldn’t think, didn’t want to think. The evidence of which was pressing against her tummy and it was kind of exciting. You got so upset last year with him about the Yule Ball.” “I…” She huffed. “You be old enough to pledge yourself—make a magical promise.

    She’s about all he wants on this whole planet and I deserve to get something he wants. “Hell if I know but he does and that’s what I’ve been telling you since second year. Harry dropped his bag on the floor and she did the same. But you can’t be taking it back so be sure.” “We’ve got a bit to decide,” Harry said and squeezed her hand gently.

    I hope it eats him up on the inside—I’m going to make sure he knows when I start fucking her.” Ginny laughed. You need to prepare for it, Gin because if you want him to invest himself in you—you’re going to have to do a bonding spell of your own.” Ginny scoffed. They had a least two hours to curfew as they’d quickly discovered that hiding DA meetings were easier if they weren’t all running for their dorms at curfew. “You can look up the various sorts of promises and bonds available to us in the library.” “You’d do that for me? “Of course but keep in mind that you aren’t the only one they’re plotting against.

    Title: The Pendragon Legacy Author: Keira Marcos Fandom: Harry Potter Pairing: Harry/Hermione Rating: R (eventually) Notes: Of course I’m going to bash Ron and Ginny.

    They’re sixteen/seventeen (eventually) in this fic which is the age of consent in the UK so this one will eventually have sexual content.

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